Pharoh Stone is one of the leading natural stones exporters across the globe. The different types of natural stones that we supply include marble, granite, sandstone, slate and many more.

high-quality stones across the world with primary focus on quality and timely delivery of products.

We make sure that our sales team is always there to solve the queries and feedback of our products from the clients. This way we do not just develop clients but we make relationships.
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Porcelain is well known for its amazing strength and low water absorption.  Porcelain Floor Tiles are mostly used in areas where there is a larger pedestrian traffic say for example; Offices, Malls, and Hospitals etc.


granite slabs, granite countertops and tiles in various sizes and textures. The standard size of a granite slab is approximately 105″ x 54″ and it is packed in stacks of 400-450 sq. ft.


Pharoh Stone offers a vast range of natural marble tiles to select from. Not only tiles for floorings, we also offer tiles for decorating the walls with mosaic marble tiles.


Slate is a foliated metamorphic rock composed of rock and stone sediments through regional sedimentation. The complex composition makes it resistant to scratches and chemicals. Slate stones are usually available in different colors like black, yellow, brown and many more.

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